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PUPIL is an on-demand vision screening service that deploys optometric technicians to collect information about your ocular refractive and diagnostic health. This data is then transferred to a remote optometrist who digitally prescribes eyeglasses if needed.


[pane title=”Where is PUPIL available?“]
At this time PUPIL is available in the city of Colorado Springs and Denver. If you have questions regarding PUPIL’s service area, or request we come to a unique or remote location, please contact us.

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PUPIL plans to expand rapidly. Check back frequently to learn when PUPIL is coming to your city.


[pane title=”How much is a PUPIL eye exam?“]
PUPIL’s mobile eye exams are entirely free. The only time you will ever be charged ($20) for an eye exam is if you fail to appear at your scheduled time and location.

[pane title=”How does PUPIL make money?“]
PUPIL generates revenue on the sale of their eyeglasses and lenses. Although your exam technician will bring PUPIL eyeglasses for you to try-on, there is no obligation to purchase them– no hard feelings!

[pane title=”Can I purchase eyeglasses and lenses from PUPIL?“]
Certainly! Your PUPIL technician will bring up to 38 different styles for you to try-on right in your own home! All PUPIL frames start at $85, including anti-reflective single-vision lenses and are usually dispensed the same week as your exam.

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[pane title=”How is this different than going to the eye doctor?“]
While PUPIL does collect the same data to correct refractive errors as your optometrist, PUPIL does not perform a comprehensive eye exam for eye health. PUPIL’s networked Optometrists prescribe corrective lenses for visual defects, however do not offer diagnosis’ for pathology or disease. We recommend seeing your eye care practitioner at least once every two years, or as advised.

[/pane][pane title=”Is PUPIL as accurate going to the Optometrist?“]
Multiple studies indicate that PUPIL’s devices are as accurate as the devices used by an Optometrist. Mobile vision screenings performed by PUPIL gather the same refractive data as an Optometrist and prescribe eyeglasses to best correct for visual defects. PUPIL does not offer services that replace certain diagnostic tests preformed by an Optometrist and should not be considered a substitute for a comprehensive eye health examination.


[/pane][pane title=”Does PUPIL screen for ocular disease?“]

While some refractive tests may indicate an ocular issue beyond a visual correction, PUPIL’s screening is not intended to screen for pathology of any kind. This can only be achieved by visiting your local eye care professional for a comprehensive eye health exam.

[/pane][/pane][pane title=”How long will the eye exam take?“]
Around 30 minutes, give or take.

[/pane][/pane][pane title=”Who can take the exam?“]
PUPIL’s mobile screening is designed for individuals between the ages of 13-65 who do not have a significant ocular health history. In the event a patient is immobile, or unable/unwilling to leave the house, exceptions may be made for those older than 65. PUPIL’s mobile services are not designed for individuals who have been diagnosed with ocular disease/conditions or who have had recent cataract or refractive surgery or other pre-existing ocular conditions. PUPIL is not intended for patients who are experiencing ocular symptoms such as: distorted vision – halos, unusual floaters, blindness, eye injuries in the last six weeks, foreign body (sensation in eyes), or mucous in eyes.

[/pane][pane title=”Will I be dilated during the exam?“]
PUPIL technicians will NOT dilate your eyes at any time during the vision screening. Your vision should remain in a normal state and you should be able to return to normal daily routines immediately following.


[/pane][pane title=”How will I receive my prescription?“]
You will receive your digital prescription within 48 hours via email directly from a PUPIL networked Optometrist. If you require your prescription sooner, please inform the technician upon the screening.

[/pane][pane title=”Can I receive a prescription for contacts?“]

PUPIL does not offer contact lens fittings at this time.


[/pane][pane title=”Are PUPIL’s services safe?“]
PUPIL’s technicians undergo a rigorous and thorough in-house training process to ensure their expertness in preforming exams. In addition, a background check is also preformed. PUPIL only sends the best and brightest individuals to oversee your vision exam.

[/pane][pane title=”What are the technicians’ qualifications?“]
Every PUPIL Optometric Technician has demonstrated a tremendous understanding of the concepts used in optometric care and has significant experience with ophthalmic refractive and diagnostic procedures. PUPIL technicians are also mentored by a nationally recognized Optometrist for a period of at least 6-months prior to preforming their first vision screening.

[/pane][pane title=”What happens if I’m late to my appointment?“]

No worries. The technician will extend an additional 10 minutes for you.


[/pane][pane title=”What if I need to cancel/reschedule?“]
In the event you need to cancel/reschedule your appointment, please contact us 24 hours in advance.



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